Coaching: the best discipline to train in leadership skills and other key competencies: teamwork, effective communication, emotional intelligence


We consider ourselves true "leader coaches". Not only for people to lead teams but also for people to lead themselves, both in their profession and in their life. It is our mission and we carry it out through 9 types of services:

Executive Coaching 

We help professionals, middle managers and directors reach their full potential to lead their position, their team, their profession and their life. 

A methodology focused on obtaining results with real behavioral changes.

Team Coaching

We help a natural team transform into a high-performance team to achieve their business goals.

Through Team Coaching we lead a team to excellence, creating more effective dynamics and processes to achieve results, and raising the level of energy and commitments of its members.

Group Coaching 

Group coaching is the most advanced and personalized way to develop skills and change behaviors for a group of professionals. It goes beyond training, and deepens, with coaching techniques, the assimilation of key skills.

Mentoring Program

A powerful tool to create modern leadership culture where 1st and 2nd level managers help professionals with potential to grow and develop internally.

We train and back the Mentor in coaching skills to better accompany the Mentee in the reach of his objectives. We train and back the mentee to take more benefits from his mentoring program

Mentoring for  High Excecutive

A new and creative way to mentor CEOs or members of an Executive Committee.


LeaderPlanet proposes Mentors of high level, external to your company, with a long experience, able to bring a new approach and a new space of reflection in a confidential environment.

Leadership Training

We are experts in training professionals, managers, directors in key leadership skills.


We understand leadership from a broad and modern perspective, such as the ability to influence your environment and transform it into something better.

Communication Training

Companies are networks of conversations, and communication plays a critical role for teams and the organization to achieve their goals.

Our strength is to train in critical communication skills that lead to effective actions and behaviors, aligned with purpose.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence has been revealed as a key success factor for any professional.


LeaderPlanet develops programs to work on one or more of the 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence. ​ We train people to feel and manage their emotions and those of others, 

Cooking & Coaching

A different look at teamwork.

We are inspired by the art of cooking to propose an activity that combines Team Coaching with Team Building, to improve some key skills, enjoying in a playful and , at the same time, working environment.